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  • Currency in Great Britain

    Great Britain
    The pound has one hundred cents. The British pound rate is in the range 0.88 = 1 EURO. You can exchange money in the bank without any problems. Banks are usually open from half a ten to half a fifth, and in larger centers they are open even over the weekend.
  • Useful numbers and pre-numbers in England – Great Britain

    Great Britain
    • 999 – Emergency (police, fire brigade, rescue service)
    • 100 – Operator (call for help with local and international calls in the UK and Ireland)
    • 155 – International Operator (call for help with international calls or ship connection)
    • 118 500 – Information (here you can get the numbers of individuals and businesses in the UK after their address and name or name)
    • 118 505 – International information (see above - individuals and businesses outside the UK)
    Reminder: If you dial a number from outside the UK, eave out the first 0. If you are calling from Slovakia and want to talk with a person living in London, dial +44 207 and then dial a contact number.
  • Pharmacies

    Great Britain
    At the pharmacies in Britain, you can get medicine with prescription and also those without prescription, and you can also receive professional healthcare advice. If you are taking medicines regularly, we recommend traveling with a prescription from a doctor who clearly determines their type and use. Pharmacies are mostly open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm, on Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm and limited on Sundays. In larger cities, you will find a lot of pharmacies open for long until the night of the week as well as during the weekend. For more information and help finding the nearest pharmacy, visit the National Health Service webpage and enter your postal code.
  • Food and water

    Great Britain
    The level of hygiene and eating customs is high in Great Britain that is why we recommend to consuming food just with regular caution (for example make sure that food is well prepared or it is not over guarantee period). The standard of water purity is also high, so consummation of tap water in kitchens and restaurants and consummation of ice is safe. You can buy bottled water at all grocery stores and supermarkets.
  • Weather in Great Britain

    Great Britain
    Britain has a pleasant clime, sometimes it is cloudier. Summers are due to the latitude pleasant and period of nice weather can show anytime during the year. You can always check five day forecast