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Práca môže byť jednoduchšia, ale aj náročná. Ponúkame Vám pracoviská v rôznych oblastiach. Naším cieľom je hľadať, ponúkať, ale aj vytvárať ponuky prác, ktoré potrebujú nezávislých a dynamických zamestnancov. Na dosiahnutie tohto cieľa, ale musíme spojiť sily, pracovať spoločne a zároveň si aj odovzdávať informácie.

Z tohto dôvodu všetkých našich vycestovaných kandidátov kontaktujeme po ich príchode do zahraničia. Tu sú referencie (bez prikrášlenia a opravy gramatiky), ktoré boli aj odsúhlasené s jednotlivými kandidátmi na umiestnenie na našej webovej stránke:
Dominik N.,29.05.2017,

,,...satisfaction with work, it is little bit physically harder specially for feet, but everyone can handle it and after one month you will get used to work and it is all fine......""

Peter B.,23.06.2017,

...,,Hello, I am feeling fine, because I have been here before, so there is no cultural shock for me. About accommodation I am satisfied mostly with location, we are living in so called „hotel“. Furniture in room is standard, but I would like to have good cook, even though because of size of the room it is not possible. I think that this accommodation is not suitable for long-term living, but there is a possibility to move into share-house. But for me the advantage is that is located near workplace. Work in New Look is the same as in any different warehouse. 11 hours on your feet and you are doing the same routine work, that is mostly not unattractive for Pakistanies, at least it is well-paid job. About management of New Look and their approach to me it is very poor. When I have asked for transfer for a different warehouse within the same brand, they rejected me, with some unimportant phrases. I will send you photos later, but I can recommended warmly to future candidates...""

Miroslav P.,13.09.2016,

,, I would recommend you of course but try to better arrange communication within abroad or send Slovak employee from TRS.""

Kristína B.,13.09.2016,

,,...Your company is very helpful. Your employees are very kind, nice and communicative and they have always helped me and answer all my questions. As a big plus is that they cared about my feelings even after I came to UK, they have sent an email and ask me if I am satisfied with work, and if everything is fine. I also recommend agency to my friends and some of the have come to UK and work with me, what is really great. I have never had any problems with them. Be cautious about TRS UK, they are irresponsible, they cannot arrange anything, everything takes them long time, even for a small change about my basic information in system it took them 2 months and it caused lot of problems in my work. When you are asking them about something they usually do not know the answer. They should learn from your company""

Peter B.,26.08.2016,

,, Greetings, I have come back from England recently and I would like to thank you for the possibility of earning and mediating of work. This year it was little bit weaker than year before, but it is still better than nothing. Following summer I will use your services again for sure and I will bring more people with me, and I will recommend your agency to people. If there were not some little problems with accommodation, it would be great....""

Dominik N.,23.06.2016,

,,....Work is quite good, when you get used to stereotype and system 3 day working and then 4days at home is suitable for me and payment is much better then in Slovakia. ""

Jaroslav D.,23.06.2016,

,, Hello, I am very satisfied with the city, here it is really beautiful, accommodation is great with great people and work is suitable for me. I wouldn´t change anything, everything here is just great.""

Adam B.,23.06.2016,

,,.... my feelings are positive, even though some things could improve…..Arranging of documents was quick and well-arranged…..Accommodation in Burnley is good, even though we have waited for table and freezer for a one month and in the end we had to tag together the table and chairs, otherwise we had to wait for another week. Also export of waste has been dealt with for a long time but finally, we solved it and from today our waste is should be export on regular basis. The house is fine, furniture is new, and the rest well preserved in good condition. Work in warehouse is quite difficult mostly for feet, but it is something that everyone can handle….I am very satisfied with everything. Mostly are here Slovaks, Czechs, and Polls. For such a small city it is great night life here, and people are very nice here....""

Ivan N.,16.06.2016,

,,Hello, thank you very much for sending necessary information. We also would like to thank you very much for great access to us, it is pleasure to communicate with you...""